Irides : Master of Blocks

Irides is a stunning puzzle action game that is based on the concept of falling blocks, much like the famous games Tetris and Lumines.

In Irides your goal is to arrange four or more equally colored blocks next to each other. These squares will be continuesly deleted from the play field - in exchange for points.

Irides features an exciting campaign with 28 carefully designed, individual levels. Each level has its own specific mission or challenge. You will be required to simply score a certain number of points, delete a certain number of squares, clear the play field from already existing squares, battle against time or recreate a shape of squares on the play field. In addition, you will be able to unlock four carefully hidden bonus levels, with more, secret challenges.

An important aspect of Irides are the more than 15 individual powerups. Most of these special squares can be used to your advantage and help you complete your specific mission. There are bomb squares, squares that delete a certain color, or drill a hole in the playfield, as well as squares that have to be deleted more then once, in order for them to disappear from the field.

Irides is also OpenFeint enabled. Allowing you to challenge your friends for the highest score, interact with other players and friends in chat rooms or unlock achievements.

On top of that, Irides features some 30 minutes of music and sound effects, specifically designed for the game. And, if you get bored by our in-game music, just launch your iPod app and listen to your own songs while playing Irides!


  • Campaign with 28 unique and carefully designed levels
  • "Endless" mode, allowing you to challenge your friends and compete for the highest score
  • Try to build the biggets combo*
  • More than 15 individual and helpful powerups / special squares
  • OpenFeint integration, featuring online high scores, achievements, social networking and chats
  • Three levels of difficulty*
  • Two different control schemes (Gestures / On Screen Buttons)*
    * features will become available with the free 1.1 update