Irides for Dreamcast now available


Irides for Dreamcast is now available at the GOAT Store, LLC. Make sure to grab your copy of the $21.90 standard edition or our $35.90 limited edition, which comes with a cool individually numbered and signed poster, individually numbered collectors coin, extended manual and limited cover art. There are only 144 copies of the limited edition available, so make sure to get yours TODAY!

The online leaderboards will be available here soon!

Irides for Dreamcast: Pre-order now!


Starting today, with the Sega Dreamcast's 10th anniversary, Irides is available for pre-order from the GOAT Store, LLC. Read the full press release to find out more.

Name Changes, Blocks2 is now Irides


Although there is some sort of history to the name Blocks2, many users and reviewers have mentioned that Blocks2 is a rather dull name for a game and in order to be better noticed amongst the vast multitude of apps on the AppStore, a name change was imminent:
As of today, Blocks2 has been renamed to Irides.
The new name is intended to be a short form of 'Iridescence', a 'play of lustrous, changing colors', resembling the importance of differently colored squares, which are at the core of the game play. Now, go ahead and pick up your copy of Irides, formerly Blocks2! So if you like Irides and similar games, then you should visit for more flash games like barbie games, Sports Heads Football, cooking games and other gaming hits!

Update 1.1 Submitted


The version 1.1 update has just been submitted to Apple, for review. Here are the key changes / improvements.

  • Alternative, digital pad / on screen controls
  • High score lists for each level, including an Overall high score list and biggest combo, as well as statistics after each level
  • Three levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal and Insane)
  • Addressed the imbalance issue
  • Addressed an issue with squares blending in with the background in some levels
  • Visual improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

I am also currently working on implementing unlimited EDGE/3G/WIFI multiplayer support, so you can challenge and battle your friends by sending push notification challenges. However, for the sake of making maintaining the server architecture feasible, the game will first have to pick up some more sales of Friv games! So, go ahead and pick up your copy and your investment will go towards the multiplayer support!

Available on the App Store


As of today, Irides is available on Apple's App Store. Grab your copy here.

iPhone/iPod Touch Release


Irides will be available on the iPhone/iPod Touch soon! You will be able to get your copy of the game from the Apple AppStore momentarily.

Sega Dreamcast Release


Irides: Master of Blocks for the Sega Dreamcast gaming system is soon to be released! The ETA for the game is Q3 2009. It will be available for purchase from our publisher GOAT Store Publishing. Stay tuned...